Primal Scream’s new album won’t be affected by the departure of bass player Mani.
The band are recording for the first time in over ten years without the musician – who has returned to his first band The Stone Roses – but frontman Bobby Gillespie says their new album won’t sound different as he and guitarist Andrew Innes write all the tracks.
He told Clash magazine: ”The songs are always written by Andrew and me. And no disrespect to Mani, but he’s a bass player, a great bass player. It won’t have any affect on the song writing.”
Bobby said the record will have a ”modern psychedelic” feel and that they have written twenty songs for it so far, but he is further spurred by current political tensions around the world.
He added: ”This year is gonna f***ing kick off. And the year after, and the year after.”
Bobby also said the band are on form after touring their ‘Screamadelica’ album to celebrate its twentieth anniversary through 2010 and 2011.
He added: ”I think we took a lot of satisfaction from how well the band played. It was just a great vibe within the band, getting a lot of love from the audience and around the world. It was an accomplishment. If we were a football team we would have won the league champions, as they were consistently good performances.”
Primal Scream’s tenth album is expected to be released later this year.