Plan B is in a ”great position to destroy” the music industry ”machine”.
The ‘iLL Manors’ rapper upset his record company with plans to follow up his million selling ‘The Defamation of Strickland Banks’ album with a hard rap record, but insists he has earned the platform to release whatever he wants.
He told NME magazine: ”I don’t think there is room for artists who have got something to say because society or the music industry doesn’t give them any room.
”And so I’m like, ‘Learn how the machine works before you can destroy it,’ and I know how the machine works now, and I’m in a great position to destroy it.”
The rapper made his soul album because he wanted a ”break from the politics of hip hop,” and isn’t interested in replicating its success for monetary gain with his new record,’iLL Manors’.
He added: ”The majority of the people who bought the soul record probably aint ready for what ‘iLL Manors’ has got to say, but I’m an artist. If you aint gonna buy it, cool, I don’t give a f**k. This is what I wanna say at this moment in time.”
‘iLL Manors’ is set for release on May 7, with its title track available as a single now.