Placebo drummer Steve Forrest wishes crowds would throw useful things at him.

The sticksman – who also fronts new band Planes – is used to having underwear thrown at him on stage, but he would prefer it if people would also throw things he could actually wear or use himself.

He said: “Things people throw at me? Knickers are always a laugh aren’t they? I’d like something I’ll use – like people throw knickers and stuff all the time but I’d like something I could actually use.

“Like a really nice pair of ray bans, wicked, cheers, thank you, I’ll take those – do you know what I mean?

“But instead it’s usually something like a Barbie doll painted up as me.”

Steve has recently gone from being the drummer to singing in Planes, and admits it wasn’t as easy as he initially thought it would be, and he had to work on his “swagger” ahead of one of the band’s biggest shows to date at The December Sessions, held at The O2 in London.

He added: “Going from a drummer to the front – it was more tricky than I thought it would be.

“Being up there you’re so much more aware of yourself and at first you try and pull moves and talk a certain way, but then as we’ve gone on you develop like a sort of swagger, more like let it come out naturally, let your natural swagger that’s inside of you out.

“Anyway everyone wants to have their cocky moment and strut. Just let it out and don’t try and put it on or anything and you’ll have more fun doing it and I must say I love it, it’s a f***ing blast.”

The December Sessions have showcased over 100 bands for free throughout this month in the arena’s London Piazza, and will finish on Thursday (22.12.11).