Pixie Lott found it “hard” selecting the songs for her new album because she had grown attached to everything she’d written.

The 20-year-old singer has been working on her second LP ‘Young Foolish Happy’ – a follow-up to 2009’s ‘Turn This Up’ – since January and has penned over 70 tracks and admits she finds it difficult selecting the songs that make it to the final cut.

She said: “I started writing this album in January of this year and I’ve only just finished it. I probably wrote about 70 songs for it because I was in the studio every day and I was working really hard.

“It’s kind of like a joint effort between me, my management and my label and we all kind of compromise but it’s still really hard. I get attached to all of them and most of them people never hear.”

Pixie also says there is more mature sound to her second album because she has a lot more life experience.

She told ‘BBC Breakfast’: “It’s just about how you’re feeling and songs always come from personal experience and they always come out much better like that.

“The majority of it is a lot more soulful and it’s lot more mature. Some of the songs on the first album I wrote when I was 14 and now I’m 20 and I feel like I’ve just moved on a bit. And my influence has come through more as I grew up listening to soul music.”