Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason believes the only musical genres the band never mastered were “punk and reggae”.

The band is known for its genre-defying albums and the 67-year-old musician believes the experimental nature of their records and their packaging are what have made popular for so long.

When quizzed on why people obsess over the group’s music and lyrics, he said: “I like it, I think it’s a testament to not only the music but also the work of Hipgnosis and Storm Thorgerson who devised the album covers. These things have been there to both interest and puzzle people.

“We avoided punk and we never really managed reggae. On a good day it’s abstract enough to be interpreted in a lot of good ways and that adds to the longevity of it.”

Nick also believes fans will enjoy the upcoming ‘Dark Side of the Moon – Immersion’ box set – which contains several different versions of the seminal 1973 album and a live version record at Wembley Stadium in London in 1974.

In an interview with UK station BBC Radio 6 Music, he said: “The Immersion version of ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ is every possible way of serving it. If it was on the menu it would be done in 14 different ways – grilled, poached, fried and so on. It’s the pre-recording, post-recording and the various recoded versions like analogue and digital and so on.

“Then what we want to do is do the same exercise that we’ve done on ‘Dark Side.’ with ‘Wish You Were Here’ in November and then eventually ‘The Wall’ next year. If people really like them then we may go back and do the really early recordings, do some in-depth versions of those.”

The ‘Dark Side of the Moon- Immersion’ box set and the remastered ‘Discovery’ editions of the band’s 14 studio albums are released on September 26.