Peter Hook has branded Bernard Sumner “a t**t”.

The former bandmates have been engaged in a public feud since the bassist quit New Order in 2007 but Peter insists they have no plans to bury the hatchet any time soon.

He said: “The truth is, Bernard’s a t**t and he always has been.

“We’re a bunch of fat men arguing. It’s pathetic really, but we’re all happy to keep doing it.”

Peter’s former bandmates Bernard and Stephen Morris – both of whom were also in Joy Division with the bassist and late frontman Ian Curtis – admit their feud means New Order will never get back together.

Stephen said: “There’s no future for New Order. It’s hard to draw a line under everything but I think we have.”

Bernard added: “Too many things have been said and done. We’ve spent all our life as an outfit with principles and ideals and what Peter has done goes against everything we’ve stood for.”

Peter – who has come under fire from his former bandmates for touring Joy Division tracks under his own name – admits their rows could “damage” their musical legacy because the feud upsets fans so much.

He said: “We were important to people. Kids were born and people were buried to our music.

“I know that all our bickering physically hurts the fans and destroys what they loved.”