Pete Doherty says Carl doesn’t trust him

May 14 2011 by
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Pete Doherty accuses Carl Barat of not trusting him in the new Libertines documentary film 'There are no Innocent Bystanders'.

Pete Doherty claims his Libertines bandmate Carl Barat doesn’t trust him anymore.

The future of the ‘Time for Heroes’ band – who came together for a handful of reunion shows last year – looks bleak as the volatile relationship between the two frontmen is preventing them from having a full scale reunion.

In new documentary film ‘There are no Innocent Bystanders’, Pete says of his bandmate: “He doesn’t trust me and hasn’t trusted me for a long time, and as far as I can tell it’s too late to do anything about it.”

Carl understands Pete – who was sacked from the band in 2004 due to his drug use, with the band briefly continuing without him before splitting the same year – is upset at what happened between them but is adamant his mistrust is unfounded.

He added: “Pete, for understandable reasons is still very hurt about what’s gone on. And I believe he doubts my love for the band and for all of it.”

When asked if this was true, Carl replied: “No, it’s really silly, and I wish he wouldn’t. I am hurt by it. It’s difficult.”

Since the band – which also includes John Hassall and Gary Powell – split in 2004, Pete has formed another group, Babyshambles, and released a solo album, while Carl found success with the band Dirty Pretty Things before releasing a solo LP last year.

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