Paul Weller wants to learn

Jan 21 2012 by
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Veteran rocker Paul Weller has no interest in revisiting the past as he always wants to learn new things.

Paul Weller wants to keep learning new things.

The ‘Changingman’ hitmaker – who was previously a member of The Jam and the Style Council – is amazed at how many bands have reunited for nostalgia tours and insists he has no interest in doing anything similar.

He said: “It’s mad isn’t it, how much of that is going on these days? I dunno what it says about our times – I guess money talks.

“But I’m jut not interested in the past. I want to keep moving forward, learning new things.”

The rocker has collaborated with a number of people on his forthcoming album ‘Sonik Kicks’ – including wife Hannah Andrews, five-year-old son Mac, daughter Leah, roadie Roger and rockers Steve Craddock, Noel Gallagher and Graham Coxon – and Paul has hailed the record as “brilliant”.

He said: “I can’t really remember who did what. It doesn’t matter; it’s all about the inspiration. It’s turned out brilliant. It’s got a sort of experimental edge, but there are still loads of great pop melodies on there.”

Categories: Music