Paul Weller says his latest album ”exudes” happiness.
The 53-year-old rocker admits he really enjoyed making ‘Sonik Kicks’ and he thinks the contentment he’s got in his private life helped him make a positive record.
Paul – who has two-month-old twin sons, Bowie and John-Paul with wife Hannah Andrews – said: ”It’s from a certain platform of stability and being positive – and happiness. I think the music exudes that. It’s very up. I think the mood of the record is really colourful, it’s like modern psychedelic music – if there was any concept at all, it’s to take people on a kind of sonic journey. Not in any thematic lyrical way, but a purely musical colourful trip.”
The former Jam frontman – who also has five other children from different relationships – says he hasn’t always been pleased with his albums and can’t bear to listen to some of them.
He admitted: ”Some have been like pulling teeth, I can’t even listen to them – they were just such hard work, and I wasn’t in a good frame of mind. People say you make your best work when you’re in despair and all that, and at your lowest – but for me, I think happiness makes you positive, and I think that’s a good creative place to write from.”