Paul Weller wishes pop singers would stop singing about the end of their relationships.

The ‘Eton Rifles’ singer has been working on a follow up last record ’22 Dreams’ and hopes to use some bold lyrical themes in the tracks, as he’s not impressed by the current crop of young singers.

He said: “I was watching a couple of female artists recently and their whole albums were about splitting up with their boyfriends. For F**ks sake get over it and see what’s going on in the world. Write about God, write about love, write about love, write about death, write about war, write about people.”

Paul has also put an emphasis on continuing the musical experimentation of his last record, although after a playback to some friends he decided to review some of the “soundscape” tracks.

He added to Q magazine: “We did a few playbacks and when we played those soundscape things, people we’re like [unsure]. It’s one thing being challenging but if people are just going to skip it, what’s the f***ing point?”