Paul Simon is hoping to tour his classic ‘Graceland’ album next year.

The singer is in discussions to re-assemble the band behind the album, which spawned his biggest hit, ‘You Can Call Me Al’, and to take it on the road to celebrate 25 years since it came out in 1986.

He explained to “That’s in the discussion stages. I would be happy to revisit that and do a ‘Graceland’ reunion.

“There’s a documentary on ‘Graceland’ that’s coming out in January that notices the 25th anniversary of the record, so it’s time for that show to come around again one more time.

“Almost everyone is still alive, so we could still reconstitute the band and do it again. I think they’re trying to do that and work out everyone’s schedule, but it’s still in the process of being coordinated. I think people will be interested to see it.”

Paul – who started his career as half of Simon and Garfunkel – is about to embark on a seven week tour in support of his latest album, but doesn’t like to go on the road for too long, as he gets tired and homesick and wants to ensure he always gives the best performances he can.

He said: “It’s a really long time for me to be away from home. You know, some bands go out on the road for a year or longer these days. I couldn’t.

“I like it, and there are times I like it a lot. If I am playing somewhere where the sound is good, I like it more than when you have to fight to hear.

“The longer I go out there the more I have to fight the fatigue of repeating yourself. So you know there are times when I really enjoy it and then there are times when I go out to do the best I can because I am committed to doing a show that night – and maybe I don’t feel like doing a show that night.”

Paul’s latest album, ‘So Beautiful or So What’ is out now.