Papa Roach want to create something more than just another “average white-guy rock record” with their next release.

While frontman Jacoby Shaddix loves being part of the “rock movement”, he admitted the ‘Time For Annihilation’ band want to “evolve” and create an album that inspires people and allows them to separate themselves from other bands.

He told website “The jams, the music [on the new album] is sick. We want to separate ourselves from the pack again. When we came out in ’99 and 2000, we were like part of an underground movement and then that was really cool. Then that movement kind of fell apart and there weren’t many bands still out there doing it. So we evolved and separated ourselves again and evolved into more of a rock band. Now we have been lumped into all these rock bands and we are like, ‘Cool we like that. We like that sense of community in rock.’ But I want to evolve it into something more even of our own sound.

“I just think with the music we have been listening to, we’ve been listening to everything from honkytonk country music to electronic music to heavy metal to punk rock. I don’t want to make an average white-guy rock record. I want to make a f***ing record that inspires people to f**k, fight, love, forgive. An inspiring album, that makes people want to move, makes people want to do something.”