Olly Murs relies on his friends’ heartbreak to inspiring his songs.

The ‘Thinking of Me’ hitmaker admits he is not very experienced in the ways of romance, meaning he pays extra attention to his pals’ relationships to give him lyrical ideas.

He told BANG Showbiz: “You can only experience so much as a 27 year old, I’ve only had three or four girlfriends since I went to school.

“You can’t delve into everything, you can go to your friends though, see what they’re going through.

“So when one of them has split up with their girlfriend you find yourself there, going, ‘So… How upset are you? Keep explaining, Were you crying the other night? OK, explain,’ and writing it all down.”

Olly may not have had many girlfriends, but his friends, boy band Kixx, think he is very good at flirting with the opposite sex.

They said: “Olly is really cool – we’ve met him quite a lot and chatted with him. He’s given us some advice about stage presence.

“He’ll literally flirt with the whole room – it’s ridiculous! So we’re going to take it on board – stand and hip-thrust everywhere, or maybe incorporate it into a walk!”