Noel Gallagher’s son changed the words to one of his songs to feature the line “shoot poo out of my bum”.

The High Flying Birds rocker is father to three children – Anais, 11, Donovan, four and Sonny, 12 months – and said they are not only hard to please musically, but they mess around with his lyrics.

The former Oasis guitarist told Esquire magazine: “I’ve got three kids, so if you can get through three minutes of a song in our house without somebody throwing something at you, you’re lucky.

“They were never big Oasis fans. There’s a song on my new album, ‘If I Had a Gun’ – the lyrics go, ‘If I had a gun / I’d shoot a hole in the sun’ but Donovan, my eldest son, changed them to, ‘If I had a gun / I’d shoot a poo out of my bum.’”

Noel – who is married to publicist Sarah McDonald – has a hard to please family, and his wife was initially unmoved by his new album with his High Flying Birds project, as it wasn’t rocking enough for her.

Referring to Sara’s favourite psychedelic rock band, he said: “I’ve got to say, my missus is not the biggest fan of anything I’ve ever done ever. She’s a bit like – meh. It’s not Kasabian, is it? Do you know what I mean?”

“There’s one on the new album she really doesn’t like. The last track. When she saw the track listing, she said “Oh, you’ve not included that bloody song have you?” Someone might like it. She’s from Scotland, I know my place. She’s more Northern than I am.”