Nicola Roberts is still adjusting to performing live without Girls Aloud.

The ‘Beat of my Drum’ singer released her debut solo album in September and admits she is still adjusting to the differences between performing alone and being part of the five piece girl band, who are currently on hiatus.

Speaking at a secret show held at the Carphone Warehouse in London’s Oxford Street – where she launched the new Nokia Lumia 800 phone on Wednesday (23.11.11) – Nicola told BANG Showbiz: “I am adjusting to it- it’s very different. Being in the studio, and writing and recording is very different, being on your own. It’s two totally different elements.”

The ‘Lucky Day’ singer – who, earlier in the day, had been tweeting for 800 minutes from her new phone – added she is proud of what she has achieved with ‘Cinderella Eyes’, as it is not as chart friendly as her earlier output.

She added: “I appreciate I’ve made a record that’s not necessarily what’s in the charts and I wanted to do that.

“I wanted to be able to look back on it and not do something for any reason other than it was the record I wanted to make.”

Nicola also said she was pleased with how much creative input she was allowed by her record company.

She said: “I’ve been given the opportunity to write and be in control of it 100 per cent and that is amazing.

“That’s been the most amazing part and I have that now forever, whether I make a second album or whatever. I have something that I am genuinely proud of.”