N-Dubz are putting their old songs “to sleep”.

The group recently released their greatest hits album and producer Fazer said they did so in order to begin a new phase in their career.

He said: “We see it as a golden jubilee on N-Dubz’s career. We’ve done three great albums but we’re bored of performing these old songs now.

“We want new material, so we’re putting the old ones to sleep. Everything from 2012 on is a new chapter.”

Fazer also admitted he is a “freak” because he hates taking time off, but he is happy to work hard now so he can relax more when he is older.

He added in an interview with Now magazine: “I’m a freak. I go on holiday for two weeks and in the first three days, I’m bored and I want to go home.

“I work hard and play harder. If I work now when I’m young, I can rest when I’m older – relax, go on holiday, spend time with the kids.”