Muse are nervous about performing ‘Origin of Symmetry’ at the Reading and Leeds festivals as it could “go either way”.

The ‘Knights of Cydonia’ group are playing their second album in full to celebrate 10 years since its release at the UK festivals this weekend, and admit it could either mark the end of a chapter in their career, or inspire them to return to the earlier sound.

Frontman Matt Bellamy told NME magazine: “It could go either way, we may decide, ‘You know what? That’s nothing like what we want to be doing now’, or it might remind us of how we got started and inspire us.”

Drummer Dominic Howard added the album is the band’s “favourite out of all of them” and they are hoping to give it the “production it deserves.”

Bassist Chris Wolstenholme said: “We had a lot of meetings about the concept, trying to base the stage set around the ‘Origin of Symmetry’ cover.

“There’s s**tloads of songs off that album we haven’t played since we toured it.”

The bands headlining sets at the festival won’t only comprise the album, however, and the second half of the show will concentrate on their other four albums.

Matt added: “We’ll be playing tracks to get the crowd going in the second half. I’m sure after we’ve played ‘Megalomania’ people will be up for a bit of a mosh.”

Muse will play Leeds festival on Friday (26.08.11) and Reading festival on Sunday (18.08.11).