Mumford and Sons new album will be “doom folk”.

‘The Cave’ band have been taking in a range of different influences for the follow up to debut record ‘Sigh No More’, from the folk which their sound is rooted in to heavy metal.

Keyboardist Ben Lovett said: “It’s not like we are just listening to one style from one era. It’s finding the songs that really speak to us and then we discuss them, we share those songs around.

“It’s certainly more mature, I’d say. The second record is just a reflection of our mindsets, where we’re all at. It’s doom folk, kind of like Black Sabbath meets Nick Drake.”

Although they are listening to lots of different types of music, the band haven’t lost their pop edge, and look to Adele – the biggest selling artist in the US of 2011 – and her ’21’ album as a template of how good songwriting will always prevail.

Referring to ’21’ Ben added: “There’s a reason why it’s done what it’s done that goes beyond what any marketing campaign can ever do. It’s not money – there’s brilliance there in writing a simple song.

“And it’s great to have that kind of appeal to people again. It’s not so much about the bells and whistles, it’s about the lyric and the melody.”