Motorhead are “too ugly and old” to get groupies.

The band’s 65-year-old singer, Lemmy – who claims to have slept with over 1,000 women – thinks there are no women left who would to sleep with him and bandmates Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee on account of their age.

He told the Daily Record newspaper: “Women don’t go to extreme lengths to get at Motorhead no more. We’re too ugly and old.

“I don’t think anybody ever went to extremes to get to me but luckily I went to extreme lengths to get to them, so it worked out.”

‘The Ace of Spades’ hitmaker doesn’t see anything wrong with womanising ways, and says he’s never settled down because of how hard life on the road is.

He added: “Why would I settle down? It is not a good job to get settled down in this industry because you’re away seven months of the year.

“Be real, nobody’s going to stay faithful all that time out of every year so it is best not to pretend.

“I’m sure there are some guys that don’t run around.

“I always found it impossible. When faced with temptation I always gave in immediately.”

Despite his claims, filmmakers Wes Orshoski and Greg Olliver – who shot a documentary, titled ‘Lemmy’ about the star at the end of the last decade – claimed he still enjoys the beautiful young women lavishing attention on him.

Greg said: “Many, many times did he disappear with women. In the crowd there’s always one beautiful girl vying for Lemmy’s attention. He still gets the girls.”