Motley Crue think the music industry is ”getting weird”
The veteran rockers – who embark on a Las Vegas residency next month – believe it is now important for musicians to consider other ways to bring their work to fans because things have changed so much.
Guitarist Mick Mars said: ”We have a lot of things in the works. We want to do things like Crüe Fest. The music business is really tweaking out and getting weird. I think it is ridiculous what is happening. I think the future will have to see bands put together really cool packages that will be worth it for people to go see”
Though Mick would prefer to be out on the road rather than performing in one place for a number of nights, he is hoping Motley Crue’s residency will pave the way for similar acts to stage similar residencies.
He added to Classic Rock Revisited: ”I know it is a cool thing we are doing, and that we are probably going to make this possible for other bands to do the same thing. I don’t know if we are planning on doing more of this type of thing or not. We are going to have to check it out and see. For me, personally, I like to jump on the bus every night and go around and see the whole world but we will have to see how this works out.”