Miles Kane’s next solo album will feature 10 ”upbeat” tracks.
The ‘Inhaler’ hitmaker is excited about starting work on the follow-up to last year’s ‘The Colour of the Trap’ and already has a very clear idea in mind of what the record will be like and is thinking of how the songs will feature into his live shows.
He said: ”I know exactly what I want from it. I want 10 songs, all of them banging.
”The blueprint is for it to be upbeat. I want every song to be grooving, a proper banger in the vein of [previous singles] ‘Come Closer’ or ‘Inhaler’, so that live we’ll just be f***ing having it.”
Miles has also set his sights on a collaboration with Janelle Monae, though he admits he hasn’t approached the singer yet.
He added to NME magazine: ”I’d love to do a duet with that bird Janelle Monae, I’d love to make a great two-and-a-half minute pop song with her.
”I haven’t put the feelers out, but I could see us working well together.”