Mike Skinner is at the “definite end” of The Streets because he can’t think of anywhere else for them to go.

The musician announced in 2008 his fifth album as The Streets will be the last, and has said the reason is because he feels he’s exhausted all the musical possibilities of the indie-hip hop sound he pioneered.

He said: “I’ve always felt like I’ve been moving in an exciting direction with every album. And I just can’t do that anymore. I can’t think of anywhere else to take The Streets that’s exciting, so I think it’s important not to even try.”

The rapper and producer said his next project after releasing final album ‘Computers and Blues’ in February 2011 will be to make a film, after which, he has few plans.

He added: “It’s definitely the end of The Streets. I’m going to do a film next, which will be a total change, and after that… I don’t know to be honest with you.”

He jokingly added: “I’ve got a really good recording studio if anybody wants to buy it off me.”