Mike Skinner says “most” of the songs he writes are “s**t”.

The musician – who recently retired his The Streets project and is now making music with former The Music singer Rob Harvey as The D.O.T – likes to work quickly when he’s in the studio, but admits his ideas don’t always turn out the way he hopes.

He told Vice.com’s ‘The Producers’ online TV show: “Essentially I like to work quickly and commit to stuff and then if its s**t, just throw it away. Which, in my experience, most of the songs you write are s**t. My strike rate is awful.”

Mike – who had four top ten hits in the UK as The Streets, including number one ‘Dry Your Eyes’ – also compares his new role as studio producer to being like the Indian dish chicken tikka masala, because they are both hard to define.

He added: “The producer, I think, is like a chicken tikka masala, everybody knows what one is, but you can’t actually define what a chicken tikka masala is because no two places do it the same.

“Now I’m in the studio with Rob Harvey and we’re doing a thing together called the D.O.T where he sings and I produce.”

Rob added he thinks The Streets fans will be surprised by how different the sound of The D.O.T is to Mike’s earlier material.

He said: “You’re going to be a bit disappointed if you’re a Streets fan. Well you could be – you might not be – because it is so different to The Streets. But we’re so excited at the moment, because it’s different, we don’t even really know what it is!”

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