Mike Posner has collaborations list

Apr 17 2011 by
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Mike Posner has a long list of artists he would like to collaborate with, but Paul Simon and Andre 3000 are his dream duet partners.

Mike Posner wants to work with Paul Simon and Andre 3000.

The ‘Cooler Than Me’ hitmaker has a huge list of people he would love to collaborate with, but says the 69-year-old singer/songwriter and the Outkast star are his top choices, though he hasn’t yet reached out to ask them to feature on a project.

He said: “The top two people on my list are Paul Simon and Andre 3000.

“I’ve got nothing lined up with them, but at the same time I haven’t tried.”

Mike also admits he finds his success “weird and crazy” because although he has been involved in music for a long time, he only took up singing two years ago.

He explained: “I started producing when I was 13 and I did that for years and years.

“I got kind of tired of having to funnel all my ideas to other people. So I started singing about two years ago, and one of the first songs I recorded was ‘Cooler Than Me’, so it’s kind of weird and crazy to be here. Music has always been my passion.”

Categories: Music