Sir Mick Jagger finds Joss Stone “annoying” because she never stops singing.

The Rolling Stone rocker and the ‘Fell In Love With A Boy’ hitmaker have joined forces with Dave Stewart, Damian

Marley and A R Rahman to form supergroup SuperHeavy and although Mick is a huge fan of Joss, he admitted he often had to tell her to “shut up” when she was getting on his nerves.

Mick told Absolute Radio’s Geoff Lloyd: “She sings all the time, even when she’s speaking. She’s very funny, but can be slightly annoying after a while, and I have to tell her to shut up, ‘Shu’ up Joss’.

“I do boss the others, but in a way that they don’t even know because I’m being so nice. But they also tell me to sod off and be quiet as well so it works both ways, you have to be ready for that.”

Although the group was originally Dave’s idea, Mick says he had to provide the “focus” because “Dave’s never seen an idea he doesn’t like”.

He explained: “Dave is a great bloke and I love him dearly, but he has loads and loads of ideas. As a friend of mine said, ‘Dave’s never seen an idea he doesn’t like’, but that’s a good thing, it’s a good thing, but then my role is to sort out what I think are the good ideas from the ones that aren’t quite so good.

“And focus the ideas, you know, and Dave at the moment has three albums and a musical going, and SuperHeavy at the same time. So I tried to focus a bit the idea of what SuperHeavy would be with Dave.

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