Watch the throne, BTS. It looks like another viral superstar group is making its way to the party. 

The same record label that gave us the ultra popular K-pop act—you know, the one that’s casually shattering YouTube and Guinness World Records like it’s nothing—just announced the launch of a brand new boyband, called TxT (Tomorrow x Together). It’s kind of a big deal: the label, BigHit Entertainment, hasn’t debuted a group since BTS came out, way back in 2013.



So far, we’ve met just three of the group’s heartthrobs: Yeonjun, Soobin and Hueningkai. There aren’t any details on when the group will officially debut, but there is an interactive website counting down until a big reveal. (There’s also an “official” TxT Instagram page, already with some 880K followers.)

Stay tuned.