Meat Loaf says the perfect song should be truthful.
The ‘Bat Out of Hell’ singer admits fans need to be able to believe in the music and performers need to believe in the words they are singing.
He said of the perfect song: ”It has to have the truth, like any script. That’s the whole point of an actor. That’s the whole point of an artist. That’s the whole point of a stage performance, be it on Broadway, be it on a rock stage. Too many performers go on stage and it’s just bouncing around singing songs; there’s no truth in their performance. I don’t believe them.
”They’re just singing words. When I’m an actor, I need to find the truth. When I’m singing, I need to find the truth. It’s always about the truth.
Well, that’s why I’m asking. I want to know if you start with a concept.”
The 64-year-old rocker works with a team of writers when working on songs as they all bounce ideas off each other.
He told I work with writers, I put ’em together, I go and I tell ’em what I want and where I’m going and what the direction of the album is. And they go, ‘OK, let’s get together.’ And I go, ‘You don’t want me in there the first two days because my melodies suck!’ So I get them in there, they get the melodies, then I go in. And I start changing lyrics, I start changing chords, I add bridges.”