Meat Loaf recorded his new album in closets and on buses.
The 64-year-old singer’s latest record ‘Hell in a Handbasket’ was partly inspired by his dissatisfaction with the world in general but Meat Loaf promises his fans that it still has a ”Hollywood ending”.
Speaking on ‘BBC Breakfast’, he said: ”It’s a very personal album. For the last five or six years one thing I’ve been constantly saying is ‘The world is gone to hell in a handbasket’. And we were on the road touring and I said I wanted to start this record so we started recording backstage, in hotel rooms, in closets ,on buses, wherever we could. It’s very raw and it deals with the truth, with humanity and compassion which I think we’ve lost.
”The whole album speaks to you in metaphors as opposed to hitting you over the head with a sledgehammer. There’s a whole lot of dark things in the album but I believe in a Hollywood ending.”
Meat Loaf also revealed he feared for his powerful voice when he suffered vocal cord problems while warming up for a concert in Australia last year.
He explained: ”In Australia last year when I was doing a warm up before a concert I had blood coming out of my mouth and I went I’m going to the emergency room and I had a blood vessel coming up on my left vocal cord. It’s what Adele had but hers was much worse. But my voice is still there.”