Maverick Sabre has to ”battle himself” to make his records.
The ‘Let Me Go’ hitmaker takes a long time to write his tracks as he is so critical of himself and constantly reviews what he has written for weeks at a time.
He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ”I’m very critical of my own music. I look back and think I can do better than that all the time.
”I battle myself for a couple of weeks trying to produce something better. I’m always trying to better myself.”
Despite his career taking off – scoring a top twenty hit with single ‘Let Me Go’ and his debut album, ‘Lonely Are the Brave’, going straight to number two – Maverick doesn’t yet see himself as a star.
The singer, real name Michael Stafford, added: ”There’s only so much you can write about, sat in the back of an cab, going to and airport, from an airport home – where’s the connection to reality there? There is none, so the minute I start seeing myself as a star then I start taking myself away from writing music that connects with people.”
Maverick Sabre is performing an exclusive gig with Motorola on March 8th which brings Snowbombing festival’s Artic Disco to the UK for the first time ever, as part of Motorola’s sponsorship of Snowbombing for 2012.
Fans can win tickets to the show via the Motorola Europe Facebook page, visit for more details.