Mark Ronson thinks Katy B is the new Lily Allen.
The super producer has teamed with the ‘On A Mission’ hitmaker for ‘Anywhere in the World’ – a track which will be used in Coca-Cola’s Olympic advertising campaign – and chose her to appear on the song because of how well she represents London.
He said: ”I think Katy B encapsulates young London in a way I never could. She reps London harder than anyone song-wise since Lily Allen.”
Mark is enjoying being involved in the project – for which he has sampled the sounds of various athletes training – because he knows it is an amazing opportunity and has relished the ”challenge” of creating something new and innovative.
He told Rolling Stone: ”I’d kind of enjoyed the challenge of a different way of recording. It’s kind of a science project. That’s what makes it fun to me. That’s what stimulates my brain.
”This gives me an opportunity to have our songs played in places that have never heard of us.
”They could have signed I feel pretty lucky that this is something I get to be part of.”
‘Anywhere in the World’ is set for release in May.