Marilyn Manson watched ‘offensive’ films with Skylar

Sep 23 2011 by
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Skylar Grey has revealed she bonded with collaborator Marilyn Manson when they watched ''offensive'' movies together.

Marilyn Manson and Skylar Grey bonded over “offensive” movies.

The shock rocker is the only collaborator in the singer’s debut album ‘Invinsible’ and Skylar – who wrote ‘Love the Way You Lie’ for Eminem – is a long time admirer of the ‘Dope Show’ hitmaker.

She said: “I’ve always admired him and what he stands for in this world. I never had a reason to reach out to him before, nor did I feel worthy. But then when I had some success under my belt I decided, OK, now I can reach out to him and he won’t just totally ignore me because I do have some things going for me now. Let’s see what happens.

“The first thing he did when I got to his house was he played me the most offensive movies I’ve ever seen. That was an icebreaker, playing offensive movies, I guess.”

Skylar – whose real name is Holly Brook – also credits Manson for coming up with the title of her album.

She explained to Beatweek magazine: “I used to be invisible as Holly Brook, and now as Skylar Grey I feel invincible. Skylar Grey’s a superhero version of me. That was actually Marilyn Manson’s idea to call my album ‘Invinsible’.”

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