Liam Gallagher would rather be in Oasis than Beady Eye.

The ‘Bring the Light’ rocker formed his current band with the remaining members of Oasis after his guitarist brother Noel quit in 2009, and while he preferred his old group, is happy with his current setup.

He said: “I would much rather be in Oasis, but that wasn’t to be. I’m not going to stop making music just because Noel isn’t going to be in a band with me. I’ve already been in one of the biggest bands in the world. Some of the times are good and some are s**t.

“It’s all about being happy, and I’m having a good time right now being in Beady Eye.”

While Liam misses Oasis, he insists he wouldn’t be in a band with Noel again because it would compromise him.

He told the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper: “I don’t want to work anything out. He took the ball and left. The reason we split up is I’m not on his payroll. He could sack everyone else in the band, but he couldn’t do that with me. I told him how it was and the only way for him to go was leaving the band. So he left.

“I don’t miss being in a band with Noel. I actually like who I am and what I stand for. He’s a bit of a social chameleon. He wouldn’t look out of place in Coldplay’s band.”

Liam also insisted Beady Eye have never played Oasis songs live – unlike Noel, who’s High Flying Birds shows feature several tracks from his back catalogue – to prove their fanbase is based on the strength of their own music, rather than past successes.

He added: “I could, if I wanted to, but we started out this band saying we’re not going to play those songs. It’s a lot more than can be said by Noel Gallagher. He’ll never know if people are coming to hear him or Oasis. We’re getting people who want to see Beady Eye. That, to me, is success.”