Liam Gallagher says cancelling gigs is like “getting your d**k cut off”.

The Beady Eye rocker says he has learned to take more care of his voice as he has gotten older because he hates having to pull out of a performance because he has strained it.

He said: “I remember having a chat with The Who singer Roger Daltrey and he was like, ‘You should warm up.’ I was like, ‘F**k that’ because I was young and like, ‘I’m not doing any of that nonsense.’

“But, y’know, the years go by, I’ve had to bite my tongue a bit and go, ‘You’ve got to warm up.’

“It’s like getting your d**k cut off when you’ve got to cancel a gig because your voice goes. It’s like the heaviest thing in the world. But warm up a bit, that’s the best bit of advice I’ve ever had.”

While Liam was happy to take on Roger’s tips, he admits he refused to listen when U2 frontman Bono tried to speak to him.

He told Q magazine: “Bono might have tried to give me advice but I was probably not listening. I do my own thing, man.”