Liam Gallagher thinks he may have ended up working “in McDonald’s” if he wasn’t in Beady Eye.

The singer formed the group with the remaining members of Oasis on the same night his brother, Noel, left the band and insists he doesn’t know what he would do otherwise.

He told the Red Bulletin magazine: “I think I wasn’t in a band for about one beer. That’s how long it took. There was never any doubt in our minds that we weren’t going to knock it on the head. We’ve got to be in there. People need us. We need it. I mean, what else was I going to do? Work in McDonald’s?”

Liam added he feels people have an outdated view of who he is as a musician and rockstar, but he doesn’t care what they think.

He added: “Beady Eye’s probably not gonna change the way people see me. Nothing I do probably will. They’ll still see me as that 20-year-old who made the most of life by going a bit mental. I don’t give a f**k what they think of me to be honest.”

Gem Archer – who stars in the band alongside Liam, Chris Sharrock and Andy Bell – backed him up saying how involved in the band Liam is, and how much creative input he has into the songs.

He said: “People have the wrong idea about Liam. He’s full-on in this band, from production to mixing to arranging.”

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