Liam Gallagher is “an arsehole,” but “in a good sense” according to Morning Parade.

The ‘A&E’ group want to see more great eccentrics in rock music, following in the footsteps of groups like KISS, Queen and the outspoken former Oasis singer, because today’s pop stars are taking over.

Guitarist Chad Thomas told BANG Showbiz: “I think with Lady Gaga – she’s not like that as a real person but it works.

“I think rock’s gone a bit sterile, it’s been too clinical and I think I would be good to get some more of that charisma and wackiness in rock stardom – as long as you’ve got something to back it up with.

“Like in the old days with Oasis and stuff, Liam Gallagher was a complete arsehole, but in a good sense because he could back it up with brilliant music. It’s good to have a bit of that attitude.”

Chad was a big fan of Oasis – who split following a fight between Liam and his guitarist brother Noel in 2009 – but thinks the singer’s new band, Beady Eye, also have much to bring to today’s music scene.

He added: “I loved Oasis, but I’d probably had enough of that, I think I’ve done my duty, for Liam I think Beady Eye are great lyrically and songwise, and he’s brought back the Mod scene, relighting that again – someone’s got to do it!”

Morning Parade’s debut album is set for release later this year.