Lady Gaga feels she is “liberating” herself by constantly changing her image and sound.

The ‘You + I’ singer is known for her eccentric fashion sense and straddles a number of genres on her latest album, ‘Born This Way’, a practice she has been drawn to since she was a girl.

Speaking in new documentary ‘Gaga By Gaultier’, she says: “When I was young I had something very different inside of me. I like to liberate myself with my ability to change, the fantasy becomes my reality.”

The 25-year-old star – real name Stephanie Germanotta – added she never feels the urge to change her outrageous outfits for normal clothes, because her fans expect her to always be Lady Gaga.

She added: “They’re my lifestyle, it’s not dressing up, a costume, a show, or a character. It’s my whole life. I’ve been dressing like this for more than six years.

“While I was living in New York, I fell in love with expressing myself through clothing.

“I wanted to make a name for myself as a musician and stand out.

“I want to give my fans everything they deserve and they do not deserve sweat pants and sneakers.

“They deserve the real me all the time, and this is who I am.”