Labrinth’s new single is inspired by classical music and electro punk.
The singer and songwriter said the inspiration behind his third release, ‘Last Time’, draws influence from unlikely sources which he heard while flicking through the radio.
He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ”I know it’s quite cliche, but I’ve always loved Mozart man, I’ve definitely been inspired by classical stuff.
”For me it’s more like random things I hear – like I could be skipping past Classical FM on the radio, then I could hear a Parliament-Funkadelic record, a Shalamar record and it would all click in my head.
”I remember listening to Kraftwerk and Daft Punk and some electro punk bands which inspired me to want to make ‘Last Time’, I’ve done my own spin on it, but that’s how I get inspired anyway.”
Labrinth – who produced Tinie Tempah’s singles ‘Pass Out’ and ‘Frisky’ – is putting the finishing touches to his album, ‘Electronic Earth’, and hopes it will prove to people just how diverse an artist he is.
He added: ”I think sometimes people don’t look at the details. I think people judge you on what you’ve done very easily, and people find it easier to put artists in brackets, and I make urban music as well as I make pop music and other styles.”
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