Labrinth gets moshing at live shows

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Labrinth gets lots of ”mosh pits” at his live shows.
The ‘Last Time’ hitmaker has been overwhelmed with the crowds on his debut UK tour – which ends tonight (08.03.12) in Brighton, Southern England – because of their raucous behaviour, including dancing in style more common at heavy metal concerts.
Labrinth – who last night (07.03.12) headlined a special live show for The Evolution Experience, the launch of Wrigley’s new 5 Gum flavour ‘Evolution’ in London – exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ”The tour has been amazing. We’re headlining on two hit songs, and people are really losing it.
”I have a lot of beers thrown in the air, because we get a lot of mosh pits with my crowds!”
Labrinth added he has also had a few pieces of underwear land on stage during performances, and he’s also thrown plenty back to the fans, adding: ”I’m always throwing quite a few things into the crowd as well. Hats trousers, coats, everything. I get crazy on stage man.”
Labrinth is also about to release his debut album, ‘Electronic Earth’, next month and his favourite track on it at present is ‘Sundown’.
He said: ”I was sitting with [label boss] Simon Cowell today and he played ‘Sundown’ off the record, and I really enjoyed it man, it sounded so sick.
”He’s got a big, crazy soundsystem and it just sounded amazing, so I think that’s my favourite right now.”
The Evolution Experience also saw sets from included Stooshe, Urban Knights and Yasmin, among others.
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