Korn frontman Jonathan Davis finds DJing “f***ing hard”.

Although he is best known for singing in the nu-metal band, the musician is also a budding DJ, but finds it much harder because of “all of the math”.

He said: “Dude, it’s so f***ing hard. When I get done doing a set, I’m just f***ing drained. I’m matching BPMs and I’m counting out bars when drops hit.

“All of this math and weird s**t is going on in my head the whole time I’m doing my set. So, when I’m done, I’m f***ing exhausted.”

Although the ‘Freak on a Leash’ rocker admits he gets tips from friends on his DJ sets and making electronic music, he finds the simplicity of normal instruments a relief afterwards.

He added to website ARTISTdirect.com: “Hanging out with those cats doing the Korn stuff, they’re starting to show me how to create sounds, and it’s a bitch. It’s very difficult, it makes my head hurt, and I have to walk away from the computer and decompress every couple hours. Then I go back.

“When I pick up a guitar, I can f***ing play it. You have one sound, if you want to f**k with it, you’ve got pedals. To make this s**t, you have to create the sound first and then apply it to the song and create again.”