Kimberley Walsh defends Nadine Coyle

Nov 20 2010 by
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Kimberley Walsh has defended her Girls Aloud bandmate Nadine Coyle, insisting the 'Insatiable' singer's new album is better than she is being given credit for.

Kimberley Walsh doesn’t believe music chart positions are important.

The Girls Aloud singer has backed her band-mate Nadine Coyle’s debut solo album ‘Insatiable’, claiming it has some “great songs” and said people should “give her a break” about her recent single, the LP’s title track, debuting at number 26 in the UK charts.

She said: “The slating Nadine’s got in the press for her single sales was mean. Nadine is just happy to release the music she loves and I think people need to give her a break.

“Chart positions are not always the most important thing. I bought the album and there are some really good songs on there that could be big hits.”

Despite previously confessing she had not been in touch with Nadine – who now lives in Los Angeles – since Girls Aloud went on hiatus, Kimberley wishes her the best with her solo work.

She added: “We want her to do well and we’re supporting her all the way. She’s not the type to dwell on things and I think she’s just happy that her music is out there.”

Categories: Music