Kelly Rowland refused to impose limits on herself when making her new album.

The former ‘Destiny’s Child’ star was happy to experiment with different genres and sounds on new LP ‘Here I Am’ and feels pleased she had the support of her new record label to do so.

She said: “It’s raw, sexy and fun. I didn’t want to put any limits on myself as far as the sound is concerned.

“I felt like on this one, I wanted to do my own thing. I got to do that and am glad I have a label that supports me.”

The album features collaborations with Lil Wayne, Nelly and Big Sean and the 30-year-old singer feels their appearances have enhanced the record and she hopes they will bring her more fans.

Kelly added in an interview with the Chicago Tribune newspaper: “For me, it adds more style and swag. For Wayne, it was sexiness. He got on the song and made it cooler. That’s exactly what I wanted. I feel like collaborations enhance music. It also can make your audience broader if that artist has a different audience than you.”