Keane have realised they need to work harder on their new music.
The ‘Everybody’s Changing’ hitmakers are currently working on the follow-up to 2008’s ‘Perfect Symmetry’ and are hoping to make an even better record after realising even legendary musicians have to push themselves to be their best.
Pianist and songwriter Tim Rice-Oxley said: ”I was reading a book about The Beatles. Before the recording of ‘Penny Lane’, Sir Paul McCartney was in the studio all night doing his bass part. It sounded so effortless to me before I’d heard that. I always thought, ‘The b*****d, he probably f***ing did it in one take.’ But it turned out even he had to work hard.
”I realised the reason I wasn’t writing something as good as ‘Sgt Pepper’ was because I wasn’t working hard enough so I decided to try harder.”
The group have taken much longer working on the album than they wanted to, but were determined to keep working until every track was ”really strong”.
Tim added in an interview with Q magazine: ”Writing the album took longer than we had hoped. But we set ourselves a target of not starting until we knew we had something magical.
”There was a conscious effort not to do anything until the songs were really, really strong.”