Katy Perry always wants her lyrics to be honest, ”no matter how much it hurts.”
The ‘Firework’ hitmaker – who split from husband Russell Brand in December – promises fans she will always tell the truth on her records, and finds going into the studio is often ”cathartic.”
She told BBC Radio1: ”People see the lyrics are a bit vulnerable sometimes, but I think that is what everybody wants to hear, they want to hear the truth, no matter how much it hurts.
”Writing songs is cathartic, it’s definitely like I’m pushing something out. Whenever I feel I’m getting toward breaking point, rather than going into a bad place I just get my guitar, or get myself into the studio and free verse, freestyle. ”
Katy added she always carries a recorder wherever she goes in order to capture all the funny and interesting phrases, words or descriptions that come to her in her everyday life.
She added: ”I have this little red recorder I have with me at all times, and if I’m walking around the streets it’s in my purse and I just pull it out. It’s all about catchphrases and people and conversations and what I’m feeling.
”I love language, especially when you write a pop song, a lot of people think your pop songs are just pop and whatever, but if you listen to the lyrics, each one has a meaning and a purpose, and sometimes has two meanings, two purposes. Basically what I’m trying to say is I’m super deep. But I’m also a pop star.”
Katy’s deluxe ‘Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection’ record is released next Monday (26.03.12).