Katy B’s worst on-stage experience involved members of the crowd being “carried out on stretchers”.

The ‘Lights On’ hitmaker explained performing at a student bar “in a barn” recently resulted in chaos, with the whole audience falling on to the stage while she was in the middle of a set.

She exclusively told BANG Showbiz: “The worst experience I’ve had on stage was this one time I performed at a farm-like university. The student union was in a barn and they had a ‘cavers and ravers’ theme. Someone threw a drink over the PA and it started fuzzing and everything started cutting out.

“The people there had put the barriers the wrong way round so when the crowd pushed the barriers it was tilted onto the stage, and the whole crowd fell. I had to come back on stage to finish my set with people getting carried out on stretchers, it was really dangerous. I felt really bad.”

Rather than planning for her music to be performed in barns, the 22-year-old dubstep star explained when she penned her first breakthrough track ‘Katy On A Mission’ she initially saw it as a “club banger”.

Katy added: “When I was sitting down and writing the song I was writing it for the clubs, and when I heard the tune it sounded like a bit of a club banger.”