The Ting Tings singer Katie White claims she is “useless” at being a pop star.

The ‘Hang it Up’ hitmaker is disillusioned with being labelled a “pop” artist because she doesn’t feel as though she fits in with the stereotypical image of other mainstream artists.

She said: “We’ve been down all these red carpets and stood next to these girls who are, like, pop stars. They work it so well, but I’m just totally useless.”

Katie’s bandmate Jules de Martino – who completes the group – feels this is reflected in their sound too, as they have a different approach to making records to most other pop acts, and they are reluctant to become too commercial.

He told NME magazine: “Most pop bands aren’t as DIY as us, and every time we get something that’s really polished we wreck it. Every time we cross that line into pure pop we get frightened.”

The Ting Tings’ second album, ‘Sounds from Noweheresville’ will be released in February 2012.