Kate Bush has wanted to make a wintry album for some time.

The ‘Wuthering Heights’ hitmaker has made a seven track record ’50 Words for Snow’ – only her eleventh album in a 33 year career – and she revealed she chose to focus on the frozen precipitation because she finds it so fascinating.

She said: “I’d had this idea for some while to do a wintry album and pretty soon after I started writing for it, I homed in on the idea of snow. It just seemed such a fascinating subject that it was very easy to think of so many ways of writing about it. It’s such extraordinary stuff isn’t it? Even a single snowflake, when you look at it under a microscope, is such an incredibly beautiful thing. And apparently they are all different.”

Kate also loves snow because of how if makes her songs sound different.

She explained: “And also it has the most extraordinary effect on acoustics generally. That’s another thing I love about it, because it puts this great muffler around everything.”