Tom Meighan wanted Jim Henson’s Creature Shop to design Kasabian’s stage set.

The group are preparing to go on the road in support of their latest LP ‘Velociraptor!’ and wanted the famous puppeteers – whose most famous work is ‘The Muppets’ – to loan them some of their creations, particularly the characters from 1982 film ‘The Dark Crystal’, for the concerts.

Singer Tom said: “We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve. I wanted to get Jim Henson’s Creature Shop involved.

“We’d also like to hire the Skeksis from ‘The Dark Crystal’, get them onstage. The man-looking bird/dinosaur things. We just can’t wait to take this f***ing dinosaur exhibition around the country and show people how powerful it is.”

Although the band decided to name their album after a carnivorous dinosaur, Tom has confessed he is getting sick of talking about the prehistoric creatures, because he isn’t that fascinated by them.

He told NME: “The truth is I’m actually f***ing sick of talking about dinosaurs. I’m really not that fanatical about it.

“It’s f***ing interesting but I’m not a f***ing archaeologist, I’m a singer. I’m not going to go out looking for fossils – it’s just not gonna happen. And the worst thing is, it’s my fault for calling the album ‘Velociraptor!’. I just thought it was a good word.”