Serge Pizzorno believes a Mexican guardian angel helped write Kasabian’s new album.

The guitarist and songwriter admits he can’t remember penning many of the tracks for the group’s new LP ‘Velociraptor!’ and believes he had spiritual help so he was able to focus on his wife Amy and son Ennio, who was born last August.

He said: “When I was putting the album together, I was pretty busy. I had a new baby and never got much sleep and I would wake up in the middle of the night and go downstairs to the little studio in my house.

“I’d play back what I’d recorded and couldn’t believe it – who was making these sounds? And coming up with these lyrics? I couldn’t understand.

“It felt like I had a guardian angel helping me. And I knew in the back of my mind this Mexican spirit was going, ‘Right, you get on with your s**t and look after the boy and I’ll make sure the album’s alright.’

“I have an over-active imagination, but it felt like this dude was sent to help me out.”

Serge is proud of the album and is hoping it will still be listened to in years to come.

He added to FHM magazine: “This new record is very direct and less ambiguous.

“We want people to still be putting this on in years to come. There hasn’t been a classic album or 15 years. We want our new albums to be remembered for years.”