Kasabian promise a “high energy futuristic rock ‘n’ roll show” on their tour.

The ‘Re-Wired’ dance rockers are currently touring the UK in support of latest album ‘Velociraptor!’ and guitarist Serge Pizzorno reckons they’ve got their best live show of their career to date.

He said: “We’ve been rehearsing over the past two weeks and are absolutely buzzing to get out there.

“We have four albums now, giving us an array of incredible tunes to make a high energy futuristic rock ‘n’ roll show. It’s gonna be an incredible night out.”

He added that the band’s aim has always been to push the boundaries of music forward, saying: “From the start we’ve always been asking, how can we push rock forward? It’s become a mantra for us. I grew up listening to electronic music, so it’s always been a massive influence.”

Serge formed the band with schoolmate Tom Meighan – who is the band’s singer – and said he knew even when they were teenagers that he would be the perfect frontman.

He added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: “He’s always been unique. We used to hang out in the park together and he’d break into song. He’d sing Under The Bridge by the Chilis and hit it perfectly. I couldn’t believe how incredible his voice was.

“Tom couldn’t do anything else – he was put on this planet to be a rock ‘n’ roll frontman.”