Kasabian have blasted U2 fans, calling them “cardboard cut-outs”.

The band’s singer, Tom Meighan, claims their support slots during the ‘Elevation’ rockers’ 360 Degree tour in Italy and Germany last year were their “worst ever” shows, and blasted their unresponsive fans, comparing the experience to playing to an “empty stadium”.

He told News.com.au: “I didn’t take in anything supporting them, the gigs were horrible, worst ever.

“U2 fans are cardboard cut-outs, can you imagine supporting U2? Their fans are probably into one band and one album – ‘The Joshua Tree’.

“I didn’t learn anything because that’s just a f***ing different level. It was amazing to watch and meet them, but I didn’t learn anything apart from just get the f**k out.”

The ‘Days are Forgotten’ singer has vowed never to repeat the process and said he never wants to play a slot as a support band again.

He added: “We were the support, so it is what it is. I hate supporting bands, we’re not a support band. So that’s never going to happen again.”

U2’s 360 Degree tour went on to become the highest grossing in history, while Kasabian’s new album ‘Velociraptor!’ went straight to the top of the UK charts on Sunday (25.09.11).